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When you look at the facts, the benefits of public transportation are easy to see. According to recent census data nearly 70% of Nassau County and 80% of Suffolk County residents drive to work alone. Following are just some of the statistics that show the impact this is having on individuals, our community and our world.

Transportation & Energy Use:

  • Today, Americans use more energy for transportation than any other activity - including industrial and commercial uses. (
  • Transit use offers the single most effective strategy currently available for achieving significant energy savings and improving air quality…without imposing new taxes, government mandates or regulations. (

Environmental & Health:

  • More than 140 million Americans - 25% of whom are children - live, work and play in areas where air quality does not meet national standards. Harmful motor vehicle emissions account for between 25 and 51% of the air pollutants in these non-attainment areas. (EPA and American Lung Association, State of the Air 2002 Report, Executive Summary)
  • The annual cost of health damage from motor vehicle pollution is estimated to be between $29 billion and $530 billion. (
  • Compared with private vehicles, public transportation produces, on average, per passenger mile, 95% less carbon monoxide, 92% fewer volatile organic compounds, 45% less carbon dioxide and 48% less nitrogen oxide. (Shapiro, Robert J. et al, Conserving energy and Preserving the Environment: The Role of Public Transportation, July 2002)

Time Savings:

  • The average American driver may spend more than 450 hours each year - equal to nearly 11 work weeks - behind the wheel. (Pope, C., Solving Sprawl, The Sierra Club, 1999,

Increased use of public transportation options will help reduce the number of cars on local roads and that means:

  • Fewer harmful emissions
  • More efficient travel
  • Decreased roadway accidents
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Reduced damage to trees and other plants

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Since the TRANSIT SOLUTIONS program began, the following employers on Long Island are just a few of the companies that have implemented the pre-tax commuter benefit program.

Northwell Health
Molloy College
Winthrop University Hospital