About Us

Our Mission

Reduce traffic and improve air quality on Long Island by promoting the use of all transit options and the adoption of pre-tax transit benefits.


  • Improve the air quality on Long Island
  • Increase ridership on the Long Island Rail Road and all other forms of transit by clearly communicating all of the options available to workers and residents.
  • Help educate Long Island employers and workers about pre-tax transit benefits and how they help both groups save time and money.
  • Increase awareness of transit fare options, including convenient mail and internet purchasing options.
  • Research areas where demand for expanded transit services exists in order to serve Long Island residents and businesses better

Program Manager

Mindy Germain

Mindy Germain

Program Manager
Transit Solutions™
Phone: (516) 242-8121


Mindy is an experienced consultant who combines her passion for civic development and environmental conservation and sustainability with an extensive background in marketing, public relations and outreach.