Reducing traffic and improving air quality on Long Island.

70% of Long Islanders drive to work. We’re on a mission to change that.

Three better-than-ever LIRR experiences:

Ride more, drive less, save money and breathe easier!

Transit Solutions’ primary goals are to increase transit ridership on Long Island by educating employers and workers about pre-tax transit benefits, transit fare options and all of the other ways that riding transit can help save people money and improve our air quality.

Introducing the Transit Solutions Concierge Program!

Looking for personalized commuting solutions and options, or assistance with saving money using Pre-Tax Transit Benefits? Our program manager will help you find what you need!


Impactful, Efficient, Responsible.

Listen to Long Island employers and workers describe how Transit Solutions helps them save money, increase productivity and improve air quality by using pre-tax transit benefits and celebrating Car Free Day Long Island.

Fight Climate Change. Drive Less, Ride More.

Trading gridlock for smart, clean public transportation is a centerpiece of New York’s Climate Act. It can also help continue the air quality improvements that resulted from reduced traffic during the COVID-19 shut down.

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Employers using Transit Solutions

Join these Long Island employers using Transit Solutions to discover and adopt pre-tax transit benefits.