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The average American driver may spend more than 450 hours each year - equal to nearly 11 weeks of work - behind the wheel.

The result: A mounting level of frustration, stress, anger and hostility that causes illness, reduces productivity in the workplace, and degrades the quality of life at home.

In addition to improving the environment, encouraging your employees to use transit helps them -- and you in many ways:

  • Reducing stress
  • Reducing accidents
  • Saving money - on fuel, maintenance, insurance, parking and taxes!

Pre-tax transit benefit programs can save you thousands of dollars in payroll taxes while helping your employees and the environment.

Sample employee savings with pre-tax transit benefits

Monthly commuter expenses $255
Annual salary $40,000
Monthly costs without pre-tax deduction $255
Monthly costs with pre-tax deduction $155
Employees could net annual savings $1200*
*Annual savings based on 2015 Federal, NY State and FICA tax rates for a single taxpayer. Actual savings may vary. Consult your tax advisor.

Sample employer payroll tax savings with pre-tax transit benefits

Number of employees 250
% employees using mass transit 15%
Company’s annual payroll tax savings $8,778*
*Calculation assumes all employees utilizing maximum pre-tax deductions allowed for transit benefits, $255/month for transit, and earn less than $118,500 annually and therefore subject to 7.65% FICA taxes. Actual savings may vary. Consult your tax advisor.

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Since the TRANSIT SOLUTIONS program began, the following employers on Long Island are just a few of the companies that have implemented the pre-tax commuter benefit program.

Northwell Health
Molloy College
Winthrop University Hospital