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The material is for the noncommercial use of the general public. The fair use guidelines of the U.S. copyright statutes apply to all material on Transit Solutions pages and linked Web pages. MTA - LIRR shall remain the sole and exclusive owner of all rights, title and interest in and to all specifically copyrighted information created and posted for inclusion in this system. Photographs and graphics on the website are either the property of MTA - LIRR or have been released by the organization or individual to license to use and display the material. For copy or use of information on the Transit Solutions website that is outside of the fair use provisions of copyright law, please seek permission from the individual listed as responsible for the page. If you have any questions on using material on the Transit Solutions web pages please e-mail the site administrator, Staples Marketing at for permission requests. If permission to reproduce or redistribute is granted, the following statement shall be included, “Reproduced with permission from MTA - LIRR.”

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You are welcome and encouraged to link from your Web site to the MTA - LIRR – Transit Solutions Web pages at You may link to the Transit Solutions home page or to any sub-page of As the Website may change, it is your responsibility to maintain your hyperlinks to the Web pages. MTA - LIRR or its agents will not enter into reciprocal link agreements. MTA - LIRR only considers links to governmental, educational, nonprofit or other approved organization Web sites that contribute relevant, unique and useful information to the existing content on the Transit Solutions Web site. MTA - LIRR reviews the overall content of the Web site requesting a link on the Transit Solutions Web site and reserves the right not to link to the site. Links on the Transit Solutions Web site in no way indicate an endorsement of or any particular partnership with any organization. MTA - LIRR is not responsible for the content of any Web site to which it links; this includes updates to or availability of linked sites and the accuracy, reliability or helpfulness of the information on these sites.

How e-mail is handled:

By sending us an electronic mail message (for example, an e-mail message containing an official Freedom of Information Act request), you may be sending us personally-identifying information, such as name and address. In these cases, we may retain the information as long as necessary to respond to your request or otherwise resolve the subject matter of your e-mail. Please be aware that email is not necessarily secure from third party interception or misdirection. For your own protection you may wish to communicate sensitive information using a method other than email.

Personal Information via Forms:

Some of our pages provide forms allowing visitors to submit search engine queries, questionnaires, feedback, or other information. Some of these forms may request personally identifiable information (e.g., name, address, e-mail address) for specific purposes, such as when the submitter is requesting a personal response, registering for a conference, or subscribing to a mailing list. All information submitted by visitors is voluntary.

MTA - LIRR and Social Media or Third Party Sites:

In addition to The MTA - LIRR official website on MTA - LIRR uses social media and third party sites to provide MTA - LIRR content in a different format that may be useful or interesting to you. When we use these sites, the information we provide is consistent with the intended purpose of the MTA - LIRR – Transit Solutions website. MTA - LIRR does not collect personally identifiable information (PII) about you when you visit these third party sites unless you choose to provide that information. Please be aware that the privacy protection provided on social media and third party sites that are not a part of the MTA - LIRR – Transit Solutions domain may not be the same as the privacy protection described here.